Ways to style a Head scarf


The headscarf is hardly a new trend, but it is a wonderful way to style your headscarf and have a gorgeous look when you are having a bad hair day, not in the mood to comb or plait your hair, you can style your hair with your headscarf.

There are tons of different looks you can achieve with one scarf, below are a list;

The Twisted Head Band

If you are making use of the rectangular scarf, fold it.

Tie the loose end under your hair at the nape of your neck

Also, knot the scarf in the middle after rolling it to gives it more volume.

The Low Bun

Fold your scarf in half forming a triangle shape

Place the scarf over your head to let it fall

Tie the right and left corner together

Tuck the middle corner, the tail underneath the knot, you just created and push it inside tightly

Then take the right corner and gently wrap it around the loose bun, when doing this your main aim is to make it tight and smooth on your head

Wrap it around and around until you reach the end, and then tuck it into the bun

Wrap the left corner the same way.

The Rosette Turban

Fold your scarf into two, position the long edges around your hair

Bring them together at one side of your head and tie into a knot

Ensure the back is tucked well to form a smooth edge

Twit one end tightly and circle it around the knot to form a rosette and tuck it under the rosette and repeat for the other end.

The Rosie Riveter

Fold your scarf into a half diagonally if using a square-shaped scarf, then folds the bottom third up to form a trapezoid.

Wrap the scarf around your head and tie it at your forehead.

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