Udoka Oyeka’s ‘Three Thieves’ set for Netflix global release


The film production company’s Executive Director, Uche Okocha confirmed the development in an exclusive chat.

“Netflix has, in recent times, become an excellent platform for showcasing Nollywood movie,” Okocha shared.

Speaking on Netflix’s move to license the movie for its international subscribers, the filmmaker said: “Naija comedy does not only thrive on slap-stick performances but slangs or yans like we like to call it and that’s what the humour in Three Thieves is mainly about and I think that it did very well on Netflix in the African territory so they just had to extend our humour to the world.”

Directed by Udoka Oyeka, the comedy starring Koye “K10” Kekere-Ekun, Shawn Faqua and Frank Donga, follows the story of friends turned amateur robbers. The movie premiered to critical acclaim in 2019.


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