Prime Video Live in Nigeria


Prime Video Naija took to Twitter to announce it is now fully loaded in Nigeria.

“Naija, how far? We have arrived! #PrimeVideoNaija”.

The tweet sparked commotion online as many Nigerians are excited about the prospect of having access to Prime Video’s huge library of movies and TV shows. O.B.O (Davido) also hopped on the conversation to welcome Prime Video to the country.

“@primevideonaija Family… Since my first gig with y’all, it’s been mad love! Welcome to my motherland. Oya Naija run it up #JapatoPrimeVideo”

Prime Video offers Nigerian users a wide variety of TV shows, movies, and documentaries. In addition, Prime Video subscribers can also enjoy Amazon Originals such as The Grand Tour, The Marvelous Mrs Maisel, and Jack Ryan.


This is big news for Nigeria’s entertainment industry because it opens up a larger global platform for distributing content. It’s also a big win for Nigerian audiences, who will finally be able to watch some of the best movies and TV shows from around the world paying in Naira.

With the launch of Amazon Prime Video in Nigeria, local content creators have a greater opportunity to have their work seen by a larger audience. Nigeria is a very creative and vibrant country, with a lot of talented people making great content.

Sign up for Prime Video, and make payments using your naira card at the rate of N2,300, per month.

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