Nigerian Singer Peter Okoye blasts a follower who probed him for comparing Nigeria to Dubai


Popular Nigerian Singer, Peter Okoye of the Psquare band was recently engaged in a ‘timeline conversation’ on Twitter with one of his followers.

Peter had shared his thoughts about the amazing changes Dubai had gone through over the years and he compared their rate of progress with that of his beloved country Nigeria.

However, a fan wasn’t so impressed with Peter’s comparison and he dropped a comment that led to Peter blasting him later on.

Peter’s initial tweet had read ;

Anytime I just enter Dubai. Instead of me to Enjoy I go just dey vex 4 our country Naija with Anger! Abeg no bi dsame 1960 wey we get independence?… God why? Why our Government just dey deny us all the good things 4 dis life?

Make we try get sense for 2023 General election

Another Twitter user then probed Peter, asking him what he’s done with his ‘riches’ to develop Nigeria.

The follower with the handle @ssbmuzik wrote ;

Leave election and politics out of this we have you we have rich men and women that can change our country, what have you done with your money to develop Nigeria !!

Peter then fired back ;

What have I done with my money? The one that your father gave me? You must be a joker! Politics and wealth na 2 different things here …A rich man can only help so many….But with the Government and Politics you can affect a lot… stop being a coward! Go and get some sense.

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