Khalid reminiscences on his past in new single ‘Last Call’


Late last year, Khalid released an EP Scenic Drive (The Tape), which featured a variety of artists including 6lackAlicia Keys, JID, and more. Although Scenic drive was not the biggest comeback project by an artist who took a break from the music scene. It was solid enough to serve as a reminder, he is one of the best songwriters of our time and his presence is for the long run.

Directed by Levi Turner and Cody Laplan, in the video for ‘Last Call’ Khalid sings about a love interest he is willing to be patient for. The opening image is a red mustang that appeared in his 2017 smash hit single Location. On the car window is an American flag, serving as a nod to his debut album American Teen that entailed Young Dumb and Broke a record that parachuted him to worldwide stardom. The background image, a mountain, and a blue sky are similar to the album cover from his 2018 EP Suncity.

It is no news that Khalid took a brief absence from music after his sophomore album Free Spirit in 2019, which also received recognition in the music video amidst the collage of montages from previous music videos, clips from his biggest performances, images of his biggest career moments which includes IHeartRadio awards and a plaque for surpassing 1billion streams on Spotify.

In mid-tempo tunes he delivers his soothing vocals, “Search for what will set you free, This is not 2017 anymore”.

The end of the video sees him transition into another record. But unlike ‘Last Call’ this unnamed track carries a more serious tone that is unusual to hear from the American Teen. Rendering a verse from what seems to be among the songs for an upcoming project, the RCA singer takes shots at the industry, Hollywood, LA, and critics.

No doubt there is endless potential to conquer multiple feats. Last month, He teased a snippet of another upcoming song Skyline which has become a trending sound on TikTok. At this point, it is expected for more releases or another project to follow.

‘Last Call’ commemorates the fifth anniversary of his debut album.

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