‘I miss being broke, being rich is sometimes boring’ says Medikal


According to the “Accra” hitmaker, he wants to back to his broke days because his current state is boring.

He made this statement in a series of tweets on Saturday, September 25.

“Sometimes rich is boring,” he tweeted. He further stated: “I miss being broke!”

It’s unclear the intention of statements, however, it looks like he is tired of enjoying the wealth he has acquired over the years.

Yesterday, the rapper shared a new video on social media showing off his newly acquired American pistol.

The multiple award-winning rappers, who is known for living a flashy lifestyle on social media, has gone the extra mile to get full protection for his life.

He took to his Instagram story page to share a video flashing his new pistol. He added no caption to the video.

His newly acquired pistol is a popular American brand, and it’s the famous Ruger American Pistol.

The Ruger American Pistol is a polymer-framed, semi-automatic pistol introduced by Ruger in December 2015. The pistol uses a pre-tensioned striker firing system and is chambered in 9mm Luger and .45 ACP, according to Wikipedia. It costs $579 (equivalent to GHC3,400).

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