Filmmaking 101: You must know these screenwriting tips as a budding Screenwriter


The pool of advice of dos and don’ts for screenwriters is endless. Believe me, I’ve seen a lot of this advice on the internet and in books.

Filmmaking 101

As a writer, you will continue to run into those rule of what to do and what not to do.

The mistake many screenwriters make is to assume that they can just slap a different sequence of events on a story and it would work out.

That is writing an action-driven story and the failures of these stories have shown that writing like that is not the best approach to storytelling. Let your character be the pivotal element of your story.

Having agreed that writing character-driven stories, you have to take time to develop who your character is. This is an important job that must be handled meticulously.

If you do not develop your character well, then your story will definitely be weak and below average. Take time to build your character.

Many writers don’t care about building their story world; they just go straight to writing. Building your story world is an essential part of your storytelling.

The rules of the world, what the world looks and feels like, the dos and don’ts, everything matters in telling a compelling story.

What your character wants must not be ambiguous. It must be clear as day. Don’t make the mistake of not clearly showing it. There is no room for ambiguity when discussing your character’s goal.

Their want must be solid enough to want to take them on a journey.

Yes they must have external obstacles that they will face in the course of their journey to get their external want or goal, but they must also have an internal conflict that holds them back. They must battle something within them; it must be simple and solid.

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