BBNaija 2021: 5 hilarious and shocking highlights after the Saturday Party


For many viewers of Big Brother Naija, the best time to stay tuned to the show is after the Saturday Night Party.

The content is usually hilarious, shocking and sometimes embarrassing.

Okay guys, let’s serve you hot with what happened after last night’s Saturday Night Party.


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Okay, we all know the Kaduna state-born up-and-coming filmmaker has had his eyes on Angel since the first day in the house. Even though he has tried to act all ‘macho man’ about his feelings, the Saturday Night Party left everyone in stitches over his behaviour.

Angel spent the better part of the night chilling, flirting with Yousef and Pere (No way!) At some point, she sat on his lap and as if that wasn’t enough she climbed on the secondary school teacher like they were about to have a steamy make out session.

Sammie was close to tears as he couldn’t even get a feel or taste of the sexual tension.


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For anyone who has had a little too much to drink, the moments after are sometimes not discussed just to save face. Well, our beautiful, sexy and melanin popping Saskay was the toast of the Saturday Night Party. Her outfit and dance moves had her trending on social media.

Well, about 45 minutes before the party ended, the Adamawa State-born reality TV star was nowhere to be found. She managed to find her way back into the house. By the time the party ended at midnight and the housemates returned to the house Saskay was knocked out and sleeping like a princess…awwwww!


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Big Brother Naija has witnessed some weird housemates in the past but nothing can quantify the behaviour of Beatrice. Famous for always staying away or coming late for the parties, the single mum showed up this time around and let’s just say it was one drama too interesting to miss.

First was her interesting and disorganised dance moves (Everybody cannot be Liquorose). After the party ended we knew the effects of having too much to drink was going to play a big role in her evening. Beatrice was spotted lying upside down while she ate her noodles with a knife.


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We are not saying too much alcohol is a good thing but sometimes it gives you the perfect time to reflect on your life. And that exactly was the case for Liquorose after the party.

The dancer went into the bathroom where she broke down in tears. According to her, she just wanted to make her daddy proud and pray he doesn’t die. She cried, the toilet listened and they hugged after the meltdown.


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Maria has said severally that she doesn’t like Pere. Having stated that times without numbers, the two appear not to be interested in giving each other any breathing space.

After the Saturday Night Party, Pere looked all moody, obviously pissed at the lovey-dovey moment Maria had with Cross during the party. Maria oblivious of what was wrong with the US marine trained soldier, confronted him about his mood and he wasn’t forthcoming.

Cross will definitely be nominated by Pere on Monday evening…wanna place a bet?

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