Actress Shan George throws shade at a certain lady


Nigerian actress Shan Geroge has sent a very interesting message to a certain lady.

The movie star took to her Instagram Stories on Wednesday, November 24, 2021, where she threw shades at a specific person.

“After all the bleaching, now you don yellow sotay we dey see all your veins in green and red colours,” she wrote.

It didn’t end there as the mother of two went on to drag the certain person for not being rich, married, or having a degree.

“You still never see husband, you never become rich, nor have you got any titles or degrees. Wetin you gain?” she added.

While many may have tried to connect the dots, the actress refused to name the person she was referring to.

George is a Nollywood actress, singer, film producer, and director.

Prior to debuting in the movie Thorns of Rose, she had previously featured in a 1997 soap opera titled Winds of Destiny.

She is best known for her role in the movies Outkast and Welcomes to Nollywood.


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